3rd june–16th September, 2012

Bridging Generations: Black & White Imagery

The Stadtmuseum Hofheim has a considerable collection of black and white photos by Marta Hoepffner (1912–2000) who played an important role in the development of 20th century art-photography. The “Marta Hoepffner Gesellschaft fuer Fotografie” has realized four contests for junior photographers in the last decade. Photos of the succeeding generations will be presented facing important pieces of Hoepffner’s oeuvre.

The exhibition will focus on continuation as well as change of subject and visual conception within the media of black and white photography. Effects of technological change regarding digital images will also be questioned. Photographic statements by three generations shown will contribute to the framesubject “time” of RAY 2012 Fotografieprojekte Frankfurt/Rhein-Main.

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