9th, May – 26th, August 2012

Andy Goldsworthy: Working with time

Time forms the central focus of works by Andy Goldsworthy (born in Cheshire, England in 1956). Since the end of the 1970s, Goldsworthy has concentrated on working outdoors and with natural materials. In his photographic pieces, the British artist portrays processes and attempts to record his short-lived works in the transience of time. The exhibition “Andy Goldsworthy: Working with Time” will present his photographic work to the public for the very first time and with selected photos from 1978 to 2000 highlights the extent to which Goldsworthy sounds out photography both as a means of documentation and aesthetic expression. In his projects, Goldsworthy, who together with Richard Long is considered the most important representative of Land Art, provides a reflection of natural environments and the traits of different types of landscapes. He creates ephemeral sculptures from natural materials that sometimes only exist for a few days or even a few hours. Spirals made of icicles survive only a short while in the face of the morning sun, in the same way that stone formations quickly vanish at the hands of the tide or patterns made using leaves are soon blown asunder by the wind. Goldsworthy photographs his fragile nature projects as soon as he completes them. Analogous to his work in this area he also tends to reveal the diversity of natural structures in his photographs. He always captures the objects that surround him and his work at the time, such as a nearby tree, a rock or a mountain. He always takes the passing of time as his central theme, using the change light, climate, time of day and year to do so. His photos are bound to the moment, as he himself highlights “If I had to describe my work using one single word that word would be time.”


Dr. Beate Kemfert

Stiftung Opelvillen
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